Clogau Gold (Welsh Gold)


Exquisite jewellery with a touch of rare rose coloured Welsh gold.


The Story Of Welsh Clogau Gold.

Over 150 years ago, Welsh gold was found in the St. David’s mine in the hills of Snowdonia. This mine was once one of the largest and richest of its kind.  To make best use of this precious Welsh gold, they decided to create jewellery of the utmost beauty and quality. So, in the early 1990’s the Clogau brand was founded.

After many years the rose coloured gold has become too rare and difficult to find so the mine has consequently closed. Due to the scarcity of Welsh gold, only a touch is included within each piece of jewellery. This ensures the longevity of Welsh gold supplies, and means it remains hand crafted jewellery of the highest quality, beauty and originality.

Welsh gold is so precious that it has been used by Royalty since 1911.

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